Tuesday, December 4, 2007

to everything there is a season...part 4

Psalm 105:1-2 O Give thanks unto the LORD; call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people. Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk of all his wondrous works.

My husband made the daily drop offs with our sitter before going to work and then visit me at the end of each day before picking up the children. The hospital I was admitted in was midway to his work place; however, the hospital the twins were transferred to( a University Hospital with an intensive care unit specializing in premature babies) was quite a distance the opposite direction. He could only visit the twins on weekends.

I had one more week to remain in the hospital. There was no 36 hour stay and then home in Switzerland. You stayed a whole week! and then with my complications..I was there a total of two and a half weeks. My children missed Mommy, and my husband was becoming weary with so much to care for; he has always been very helpful as a husband and father and very sacrificial with his time. I prayed earnestly for my husband as he was not only taking care of all these needs with the children and myself, but adjusting still to a new location, new job and foreign language. As we talked on each visit we would be hopeful for one another, encouraging to trust the Lord and to wait patiently on the good work...we knew God would perform.

A Hymn: Sweet Hour of Prayer
Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer, That calls me from a world of care
And bids me at my Father's throne Make all my wants and wishes known!
In seasons of distress and grief My soul has often found relief...
And oft escaped the tempter's snare...By thy return...sweet hour of prayer.

My last few days in the hospital; God gave me opportunity to speak with another English speaking nurse. She was from Paraguay. A short one time visit, but how thankful I was for the time to give her my testimony of faith in the Lord Jesus. Another moment of Hope.

Knowing I was to go home soon, my thoughts continually filled with more hope concerning Kathryn. Would she become a Christian and be my needed fellowship for a sister in Christ while living here?
Is it possible Lord? that she will listen? that she will take to heart the blessed peace you have given us and the evidence of your loving care?
Oh, how I prayed for her salvation! to know the LORD Jesus Christ as her personal Saviour..the free pardon of sin...the hope of eternal life..an everlasting joy!

Romans 5:1-2
Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ:
By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.

I also received one of the greatest gifts at that time in my life. A phone call from Christian friends in the states. Some of the men that had worked with my husband in the U.S. and a fellow brother in Christ got together and purchased an airline ticket for a dear Christian friend of mine. A lady, who at the time was like a mother to me. What joy filled my heart, full of thanksgiving...to the LORD first, and then our friends who so compassionately looked upon our needs. She arrived the day before I went home from the hospital. Oh, how much this helped in so many ways. A friend to talk with, a help with the children and relief for my husband (answered prayer) and the fun for the children having "company". She stayed with us a few weeks.

I Peter 5:7 Casting all our care upon him; for he careth for you.


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

The Lord really did give you such a wonderful husband! What a peace that must have been to you; knowing that he would take care of everything while you were indisposed. And praying for him so much every day I'm sure only strengthened your relationship with each other.

What a wonderful surprise that your friend got to come and be with you for a while! I'm sure that was such a blessing to you all.

I guess I'm cheating a little, since I know the outcome of most of your story.....but I LOVE how it turns out! I'm so glad that you were sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading.

HOPE said...

You know...I am very humbled and thankful for our obedience to the leading of God during this time in our lives. We had no idea of the many lives we would touch. It is a constant reminder of the importance of obedience in the Christian walk. To be aware and ready for God's work in you, through you and with you. Each day is a given opportunity for obedience..no matter where you are..alone or in company. You have proven that as well by your own testimony. Praise the LORD.

Knowing the end...well lets say for others it is full of HOPE so please keep visiting!

liz said...

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on your blog. I'm really enjoying reading about your journey. Can't wait to read more.

HOPE said...

Thanks for letting me know you are visiting Liz. That is such an encouragement to me!

Heather said...

Hope, what a blessing your story is...I missed your posts in my absence :) God Bless!

HOPE said...

So good to see you again Heather..I'm very thankful that this is a blessing to you as you read one of the many ways God works in lives of those who trust him. There are so many wonderful testimonies in this world for people to know GOD...there will be no excuses at the judgment. His faithfulness and truth is spread abroad!


God does take care of all our needs and those even that we don't even realize we have until He has taken care of them.

I am so thankful for the added strength the Lord gave to your husband during this very difficult time.

I don't know the outcome of the story and I can hardly wait. So that that with God all things are possible. God bless and keep you and your family. connie

HOPE said...

God bless you Connie...thank you for visiting and the encouragement your comments are to me and others. I had hoped one day for this story to be published...there is a lot more detail of course that is left out ..but the main care of the LORD and his mercies are the message.