Thursday, May 22, 2008

A LONE BUTTERFLY...of comfort

MAY 22, 2008

Today will be a present time post. It is amazing how the timing for some of my post have been. This post was not planned as I’ve mentioned before about some others. I pray that it brings a blessing to you.

Three years ago today my little granddaughter Kaitlyn was stillborn. She is the infant daughter of my son Charlie; the twin brother of Stephen, of whom my blog story is all about.

I went to visit her grave today with flowers and a birthday balloon. Charlie is currently serving in Iraq and I knew that this was what he would have wanted to do had he been here. She is buried in a National Cemetery and it was so fitting today with Memorial Day’s observance Monday to have an American flag next to her grave. Nice, that the flag somewhat represented her dad being there today as well. I know he was in thought and heart.

Among the flowers I placed a little butterfly. We always think of butterflies whenever her name is mentioned or when we see one…she is there.

Here is a little story about “Kaitlyn”.

Kaitlyn was stillborn weighing only one pound and a few ounces. Her birth was premature and much unexpected though my daughter in law experienced some complications along the way.

For Kaitlyn's funeral my son asked his dad to do the service. It was held outside under an awning not far from the grave site. Appropriately, my husband chose the same verses read at our own son’s funeral.

Our hearts were deeply touched now watching his brother bare the same trial.

My husband sang this song:

REJOICE IN THE LORD by Ron Hamilton (here are a few of the words)

God never moves without purpose or plan
When trying his servant and molding a man

Oh rejoice in the LORD
He makes no mistake
He knoweth the way of each path that I take

For when I am tried and purified
I shall come forth as Gold…

As we sat in front of the little white casket draped with lovely spring flowers and more surrounding….we listened to my husband singing.

Suddenly in the peacefulness of the song and calmness of the beautiful day…a lone butterfly appeared out of nowhere. I grasped my son’s hand as we watched in awe as the butterfly fluttered about the flowers, first on the casket and then to each floral arrangement surrounding the casket …she then disappeared. We glanced at each other with tears and a smile.

After the service, everyone commented on the sudden appearance of a lone butterfly. They too, saw the message in plain sight. Kaitlyn is happy with the LORD. We all felt it was a little touch of God. Assurance in a time of sorrow…of His blessed creation and it’s joys.

I never realized how a time like this can cause you to look about more and realize the messages found in so much of God’s creation..even the tiniest of them…like a lone butterfly.

This trial of my son’s drew him closer in his walk with the LORD and renewed the awareness of the shortness of life and how important our choices are. How vital it is to know the LORD Jesus Christ as one’s personal Saviour and have that peace when needed that passeth all understanding.

St. John 1: 3-4 All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made.
In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

Though Kaitlyn’s life was taken….life lived on in this butterfly…and so did hope.

As I stood there today recalling the post I’ve written in the past few days it was as though the freshness of both funerals had arisen in my heart. Not the sadness….but the wondrous works of our mighty God.

He heals and he restores…he gladdens and soothes the mind….his grace is sufficient and his truth surely made known.


Deborah said...

What a beautiful picture! God is so good!!
I love the song Rejoice In The Lord, and so fitting for your son to hear at that time. I'm so glad that your son drew closer to the Lord through this. Sometimes I wonder what it will take for two of my grown children to realize just how short this life is...and how much they need the Lord. The interesting thing is, my daughter once sang that song in church, many years ago...I guess that's why it means so much to me.

HOPE said...

Prayer..patience and Letting God do the work he must do...

God is so gracious to give us his blessed hope and knowing that HE is the answer to every problem and trial we face.

Thank you Deb for visiting!

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I can hear your husband singing that song... it must have been very moving to hear at the time.
I love that story about the butterfly. You should post the poem you wrote as well ;)
I'm so glad that you went to put flowers and a flag at her grave. I'm sure Charlie and Kaitlyn's Mommy appreciate that, since they have to be so far away.


Oooh, Hope. Itis wonderful to know that God knows what each heart needs and He gladly gives it to us in our times of need. Thank be to God for the signs of hope that He sends at such times. My prayers are with you and I pray that God brings just what your heart needs always and I know that He will. connie from Texas

Daughter of the King said...

HE sure does HEAL and restore and at times it feels like it takes awhile.
I am thankful for HIS grace.

Belinda Jo Adams said...

Oh my. how sweet. I had a stillborn granddaughter, also. Here is my tribute poem for her. Let me know if the link does not work.