Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vitamin D-3

In my continued journey as a Breast Cancer Survivor...

Factual and documented INFORMATION is necessary...

...for decisions on continued treatments, nutrition and quality of life.

Most of all..PRAYER is VITAL!

I am so thankful that GOD intervenes and makes known to us what we desire for good reasons. I have asked for direction...for confirmations...but, with patient waiting.

I've done a lot of research and have found the IMPORTANCE of Vitamin D 3 in our nutrition. Many of us do not realize that we are Vit D deficient!

Vitamin D 3 (Cholecalciferol) has been found to be very beneficial for Breast Cancer patients... and studies show it lowers risk of certain cancers and recurrence!

Vitamin D can be found in Fortified Milk, cheese, butter, cream, fish, oysters and fortified cereals.

VIT D is also efficient for helping absorb Calcium. Calcium and Magnesium together help with absorption of these three vitamin supplements.

Vitamin D can be toxic in high doses. CAUTION should be taken and a doctor referral for proper dosage for age and health requirements

Vitamin D benefits include;

regulates immune system

Body weight

reduce risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

absorbs calcium for healthy bones

lowers risk of developing cancer

lowers risk of recurring cancer.

Studies show that there can still be a deficiency regardless of nutritional status

The Dietary Guidlines...DRI..Dietary Reference Intakes.

IU international units 200 IU for most people

ages 50-70 400 IU

ages 71 + 600 IU


UPDATE: I have been taking ARIMIDEX for the past three weeks.

The side affects have been:

INTENSE HOT flashes/sweating


Aching feet


Joint Pain

In my research of Vitamin D 3 along with some other nutritional values and findings of MY particular breast cancer (size-grade-type etc)it has a very very LOW recurrence percentage..I have decided to stop taking the Arimidex for the remaining month.

At the end of the month I will have my first follow up Mammogram since my diagnosis and see my Breast Cancer Surgeon as well as speak with my Medical Oncologist; to make my final decision on whether to continue with this medication.

This will not be a haphazard decision.

The side affects of this medication versus my recurrence rate will be the primary objective in my decision.

PLEASE NOTE...that all information here is to be further researched by the reader and advice should be sought from the medical profession.


Deborah said...

Hi Hope! Thanks for posting this info...and for adding my button to your sidebar.

~ Maria ~ said...

I thank you Hope, that every bit that you are sharing, is bathed in prayer, wisdom and doctor's guidance.

Side-effects can be so nasty and sometimes worst than the actual symptoms.

Praying that Our Lord continues to keep you in His Perfect Peace,


A Quiet, Gracious Life said...
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Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh Hope ~thank you for sharing. I am praying for you!