Thursday, July 22, 2010

Changes in life...warnings!

I found out yesterday that I have HYPOTHYROIDISM....and the meds I am taking will FINALLY help with my long enduring FATIGUE I have had for years..let alone after Breast Cancer surgery and Radiation.

Not only that! But weight! (so the photo above is ALL ABOUT hopefully..the NEW ME!!

Clothes that fit right and notice the CHOCOLATES..just kidding! But actually found out that %70 DARK chocolate at 2 pieces a day is good for you!!

I wondered WHY I had gained weight at the onslaught of my Breast Cancer diagnosis. I thought it strange. My dietitian said the 8 out of 10 women with Breast Cancer, gain weight.

Okay. But...since then, I have restricted my DIET and tried walking and drinking water like you wouldn't believe...EVERYTHING!!! and NOTHING was working!

I know my body...and something kept telling me..this is NOT right. I wasn't eating enough to gain...gain..gain. It was getting depressing.

A couple weeks ago I noticed increase swelling of my ankles..and other parts of my body (those I figured was weight gain or water weight) My feet have been aching for weeks and my legs...AND then my arms and hands...and numbness. STRANGE?

I had also noticed in these weeks my eyes being PUFFY..but thought it was my seasonal allergies. I've looked like this off and on all my life!

I missed filling my Blood Pressure meds (DO NOT DO THIS!!) due to a trip I made and just not realizing I was getting happened unfortunately on a weekend ..the 4th of July so MONDAY the doctor's office was closed to do the okay refill..of all times it needed a doctors verification! SIGH. I went 5 days without...and by Tuesday..I was feeling pretty lousy...

I ran some errands but while in the store..thought..YOU better go check your Blood Pressure..RIGHT NOW! 173/92 Not good. I immediately checked out...and then drove to my doctors office. Praise the LORD..I got right in. I'm sure the BP reading and swollen ankles helped. I figured at the office I would get my meds without having to wait any longer...we did a EKG..FINE. Chest x-ray FINE.

Blood work...the results my Thyroid.

Makes so much sense to me now as I read over symtoms...WOW..I have them all.

Now about BREAST CANCER...and this. I was on HORMONE therapy for many many years..thus giving myself a synthetic hormone. Over the level of fatigue had grown worse..and of course my HRT dosage was less hormones. When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer..I immediately stopped my HRT...this was fueling my Cancer. So this then put me in a NO HORMONE status..thus the Thyroid event must have started revealing itself..slowly....and I'm this point caught up with me.

Could it be the LORD allowed all this for me to FINALLY find out what my problems have been? I am soo THANKFUL for the relief this has brought me in KNOWING what is going on with my body and why!! Now, I can do something about it! AMEN!

What is that I noticed just recently that the outer part of my eyebrows seemed to be fading out? is this aging? Oh my?

NO a symptom of thyroid problems!

Also the puffy eyes...sudden weight gain...extreme fatigue.

It is noted that it causes joint pain, muscle aches...

a LOT of symptoms we tend to think are other problems. I did.

NOTE the THYROID affects EVERY part of your body!

These hormones T3 and T4

regulate metabolism

physical and mental development

nerve and muscle function (I read about this associated with Fibromyalgia also)

and circulation.

If you have any of these symptoms...a simple blood test can reveal the help you might need. However..I did have my Thyroid checked many times over the years.
Perhaps the HRT was masking it? It will be interesting to find out.

My mother and sister both have Thyroid guess who was next! ME.

I thank the LORD for revealing to me at this time how to take care of myself and to get back to good health.

I will be having an Ultrasound done in a couple months to check the Thyroid gland and lymph nodes. Please PRAY with me...for a good outcome.

I hope this information will be helpful.

Blessings and GOOD HEALTH TO YOU..


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh my goodness. I am so glad you are feeling better. We all need to be reminded to take our health seriously!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finally found out what was wrong. I hope you get some relief soon. (o:

Anonymous said...

Oh Hope, this is good news at the same time! Now you are able to treat it.

I also had Hypothyroidism and I was able to stabilize my thyroid with medication and a healthy diet. Once this was put under control, my diabetes really began to show and now, I am more aware of how my body reacts.

I know that when you tell others how fortunate you are to know this now, they must look at you a bit strange. But it is true. When you are suffering from an illness that requires you to really get to know your body, you know immediately when something is wrong!

I am so glad that you did not ignore the symptoms and when ahead and took care of them with your doctor.

There is hope for this. Medication, eating right and exercising will work. It will take time, but it will work.

Keeping you in prayer dear friend,

simply, maria.


Hope, I also have this Thyroid problem since I was 50 years old and I am sure I had it for some years before. The being tired was such a burden but the dry skin, hair loss and finally my memory began to do tricks on me. I would be driving somewhere and forget the way. But, Thank God, after the first few days, I began to feel much better. The weight did come off some but I still fight that. Family heritage, I

Praying the Lord blesses and your feel much better soon. love you, connie

sasicas said...

Glad you know the problem and can get to feeling better. I know in our family, we tend to have the symtpoms for years and years before it finally shows as well. My mom, grandma, her sisters and brother, even my brother all have thyroid issues. I have all the symptoms yet still the test is normal, its only a matter of time ;)

Hope you have a great weekend, the kids say hi!