Tuesday, November 20, 2007

to everything there is a season...part 2

April 1982 ... the twins are born .... two sweet boys.

What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. Psalms 56:3

I awoke in the night..actually 2 a.m. and used the call button (it must have been in French..the nurse showed up!) and I tried in vain to tell her I was having STRONG contractions. She elevated the foot of my bed and LEFT the room!! My heart was racing as I thought about what to do to get her back! She then walked in the room with a dictionary! I quickly thumbed the pages looking for the word PAIN!! and when I did show her the word, she immediately started moving me and getting my bed into the delivery room. I'm sure the look on my face along with the dictionary word...gave her a good indication that it was TIME!

NO English nurse on duty this night!

I had no time to think about my surroundings..though now I can recall them very vividly. The room was nothing like the hospitals now or perhaps this is just in America; where there is a nice wallpapered room with lovely wooden furniture and then, this, labour room also becomes the delivery room. Nice and homey. In the Swiss hospital delivery room, it was very bright and cold...with only two nurses on duty. They seemed to be in a panic...moving so quickly that the bed that they were trying to place me on started moving away! I remember making a quick leap to the next bed! This is just the beginning! As labour continued one of the nurses delivered the first twin on a moments notice...then asked me his name and left the room...then all my labour stopped. The next baby was having problems so a doctor was called in and I was put under anesthesia and awoke to another son whom also was quickly whisked away. I was then taken to my room and slept.

Because of the hour of the night and the quick delivery..less than an hour. My husband was not contacted until hours later in the morning. He also did not have time to reschedule his work ,so he had to still go in and find a replacement. During this time of waiting for him to come to the hospital..I still was not given the babies. I was not told anything. I began to wonder WHY? and who would explain anything that I could understand? ..until the British nurse came on duty.

When Kathryn finally came in...she was smiling and happy that I had a safe delivery and doing well. She then proceded to tell me that they suspected the boys having heart murmurs and checking them over. A doctor would speak with us in a couple of hours and to call my husband. I was calm and knew in my heart that the LORD was with us. Already so many prayers had been answered..so much provision. I thought upon the above verse found in Psalms and I would trust the LORD even in my fears.

When my husband arrived we waited for the appointed time the doctor was to speak with us. While waiting we once again had the opportunity to speak with Kathryn concerning our faith and trusting in the LORD. She listened intently.

Upon arrival of the doctor. One whom we had never spoke with before. He was the head physician of the hospital. A quite stern looking elderly man. He began to explain to us that one of our son's was born with Down's Syndrome and were we familiar with it?

Yes, to some degree. I actually had worked with Down's children while in High School. I earned extra credit by going to a special needs school a few hours each week.

He then told us, knowing our situation in a foreign country, that it would be best to just instutionalize him. WHAT??? I could not believe what I was hearing. My motherly heart immediatley took over before anyone else could utter a word. I had a framed photo of my other children on my bed table and showing him my PRECIOUS children I did calmly say.."SIR, we are CHRISTIANS and whatever GOD has given us, HE will be our help.. this is our family and this baby will also be a part of our family. We will do whatever is necessary for our baby." I was so offended...so hurt, his words cut to my heart and he knew it. He left the room dumbfounded.

Kathryn later would reveal to me the scenario of the doctor coming out of our room after his meeting with us. She told us, he came out with a look on his face she could not describe. He then told her.."this was the hardest thing I have ever had to do and he could not believe the reaction we had to his news about our son. He had never experienced the calm and peace of this couple." Kathryn immediately responded with..." well of course, Sir...they are Christians!"

This moment was a pivotal point in our witness with Kathryn. A day also that would begin the beacon of hope that would continue to shine in her path and reveal true faith.


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Thank you for sharing this....I know it must have been so hard to write. I can't imagine what it was like delivering in such a foreign environment, without even being able to speak English to anyone! Praise God that he was there with you!!
What a wonderful testimony your actions were to Katherine and the rest of the staff too, I'm sure. You may never know what effect that had on some of them until you get to Heaven.

HOPE said...

Yes..Praise God he was there too!

And once again gives..the Peace that passeth all understanding...

and at such a time....


Hope my heart felt so much emotions as you told of the delivery of your twins. Thank God that we know the Lord Jesus, He is with us wherever we are and He can not be barred or shunned but He is ever in our hearts. He lifts us up, calms us down and gives us all that we need. We can lean on Him because we know that there is nothing that surprises Him. God bless you and your family Hope, I am very thankful that I know you. connie from Texas

I live IN Jesus said...

I happened over to your blog from Heather at Just Laugh and I am sooo glad that I did! What a refreshing read your blog is! I love how you so eloquently portray your personal relationship and faith in Jesus Christ through your testimony... Isn't it wonderful what Jesus does in us when we are willing to rest in Him? This is something that I am just now understanding and "doing" after fellowshipping with Him for 11 years! I am so glad He is full of Grace and His mercies endure forever! God bless you and I look forward to getting to know you, Sister...
Sincerely in Christ Jesus,
Sarah T

Tori said...

Wow that was a wonderful story of God's care for His own. I really enjoyed reading that but it was a little stressful!!! :0)

glad I found ya, I'll be back!

HOPE said...

Thank you for stopping by Tori!!
so nice to meet you...I went to your blog and I will be returning!

I can't wait to read about your missions.

God bless your labours on the field dear sister.