Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I have had this on my mind after recently reading something a person wrote in regards to this statement..and I have heard it often. WHY GOD?
And yet people also make the frequent statement...OH GOD HELP ME!...or PLEASE GOD!

A lot of people making the statement WHY GOD? want to blame GOD for everything BAD that happens in life...as if the devil is non existant but God is and He is the one at fault. How can He be? If you believe in evolution? or in your daily life don't even acknowledge him, how could He be the fault. Now if HE is the creator and you know that, then you would also read his word and begin to understand the works of GOD in life... as I said in my other post, I have found the answers to life by reading God's Word. I asked my husband the question in my early years as a new Christian, "WHY DID GOD DO THIS TO HIM?" and my dear wise husband said.."to understand someone, you must get to know them"... how true? Do you understand all your friends actions, speech etc. or maybe just the ones you know so well?

So many people want to acknowledge HEAVEN's existance as well, but when you try to warn them about HELL.."oh no, we won't hear about that!" How can you acknowledge one without the other..GOD made both. Do you realize that Hell was prepared for the devil and his angels..(read Matthew chpt. 25 (verse 41)not for man whom God loved so much that he gave his only begotten son! (read St. John 3:16-17-21) How we underestimate the LOVE of God. He did promise us an alternative..Eternal LIFE.

Let me get back to my original subject here on WHY GOD? I've learned exactly WHY?... in his love and mercy..he has a plan...in that plan of giving us an expected end (Jeremiah chpt. 29 verses 11-13)...WE mess up the plan or purpose of each individual life. We choose most of the time what WE want not GOD. In our choices, we even affect the life of others and perhaps the plan for their life as well. A sobering thought for what we will answer for at the judgement. And, we certainly don't want any hardship of any kind! When we do however yield to his will..it is amazing the work that gets done, not only in our life but others. Let me explain.

A word of testimony:

I for one would have cause to say WHY GOD?... WHY ME? I delivered 4 healthy children and in my 5th pregnancy took for granted.."hey, all my children have been born fine, I've got it made, no problems for me"...especially since I'm a Christian! Then upon delivery of twins in my 5th pregnancy (we'll NOTE number# 5 during this account in my life)...one of my sons was born with Down's Syndrome (my 5th born) and a heart defect (Aortic Stenosis). His oxygen level depleted by his heart defect caused blueness of his fingers and a general discolor. My son remained in hospital care for the duration of his nine month life. He came home for only two days at the age of six months. At the time of his birth I found a new journey in my life...one called TRUST. I also found the purpose GOD had set forth...how he would use this precious child in not only my life but many others!

WHY GOD? for a purpose.... WHY GOD? to get your (man's)attention....

WHY GOD? to show myself strong in your life/ my Grace IS sufficient for thee.....

WHY GOD? to show it is me and not man to put your confidence in...

WHY GOD? so that you would walk close beside me day by day...

WHY GOD? to manifest that sin is awful and it's toll on mankind

I will continue this with another post... "Peace and at such a time".... to continue my explanation of God's work and plan.

and thank you for reading this and allowing me to share a cup of HOPE ...


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Thank you for sharing this! Why? is a question that is so often asked, and very rarely answered. I'm sure the Lord will use your testimony here to help many others.
BTW--I like the new look! :) Well done!

HOPE said...

Thank You so much Pam...
and the new look? thanks for the inspiration on yours! Yours is lovely.


That was a very good post. I came here by way of Pam. I am so glad to meet you. I can see that you are going to be a blessing,Hope. I really liked your post. God bless you and your family. connie from Texas

HOPE said...

How nice to find you here Connie. Thank you so much for visiting and for your encouraging!! comment. I look forward to more visits from you and to visit your blog myself.
God bless..


Hope, Thank you so much for vising my blog. I had just finished getting it set up. It is my third blog and I am using it for accountable while I am trying to lose weight. Your visit so soon on that new blog just confirmed to me that this was what God wanted me to do. Thank you so. connie from Texas

My other 2 blogs are:



You are welcome to visit any time. I will certainly be back to visit you. connie from Texas

Din said...

I'm sorry about what happened to your son.

But about your post, you said that you can't blame God for all the bad things that happen in this world, so how come you you're supposed to praise him for all the good stuff?

I don't understand that.

HOPE said...

Hi Din..thank you for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment.

What I meant by blaming God; is that a lot of people blame him for the bad..yet do not praise him for the good. In other words,as long as things are going fine, or my way...I don't acknowledge God. However, when things go bad..that is the very one I blame.
In my life...as you will read (I hope you will come back) is that I can except the "bad" and the "good" that comes into my life, because I find the purpose that is in it. Some bad in the Christians life (this term bad could be defined many ways) is also concidered chastisement/or trying to get someone's eyes open to the way they are living. As a parent with a child when they do wrong. They are corrected so that they can see the error of their way. Some just take a word some priviledges taken away. etc.
In my account about my son; some people would say..."How could God do this to you?"...and this is what I want to explain. His purpose and the grace he gives as I go through this trial. As a Christian...we are like children...God is our Father...and we are in a sense "growing up" in him. Each day is a journey of walking with him and understanding him and knowing that he is real and in our lives.
I hope this clarifies what you asked. Perhaps in the course of my writing it will be better understood.

Din said...

Thank you for your answer Hope.
I guess that Christian people tend to be very positive, you seem to be too. That's a good thing.

But you know… there are things that are bad and no one can explain; I had a talk with Pam about it and with some other nice ladies as well.

As I see it, people don’t blame God for the bad stuff and are thankful for all the good. And it's okay, I just don’t understand that.

Your blog is very nice btw, and I will come back ;)


HOPE said...

Hi din..thanks for coming by again. Yes, Christians are positive..because they have a reason to be. As you read more you will understand why. Please keep coming back to visit. The reason is exactly this.."understanding". Remember what I said about getting to know someone and understanding them. You have to read God's Word..the KJV Bible to understand God's ways. The Bible says..he giveth understanding to the simple. Not dumb..but simple in the respect that his ways are higher than ours and in his love he left us his book so that we could find understanding and know him in a very personal way. The book of Proverbs is all about wisdom, learning and understanding. It takes a sincere heart and one willing to let GOD show them without reservation.

You said..the bad that can't be explained. Bad can be explained din..some as I said has a purpose (and therefore not really "bad" as we would see it).. some is self inflicted..some from sin that abounds in the world. A lot of bad is not of God..but of this world. God does not ordain drunkeness and yet we have it..and we suffer from the consequences of it. My father was a drunkard and I grew up without a father because of this and divorce. Not pleasant. Yet, in all this...I myself found HOPE and I found JOY and I found the promises of God. God says..when you seek him with ALL your heart, you find him. God knows the heart of man.
I hope this helped in some way.

HOPE said...

din...I pray that you will continue to visit and that perhaps in the course of my writings you will come to know and understand God and HIS LOVE.

As We Sail... said...

Yes, this is a very good post, thank you. It's hard for some people to understand how we can than the Lord for the trials He brings into our lives. "In all things praise the Lord"