Thursday, November 1, 2007


Trust~ definition: firm belief in some quality of a person, thing; hope; confidence in, rely on, believe.

I put some testimony in the post on Encouragement, so that those reading this would understand a "truth" that they can trust. It always helps to know where a person is coming from in there dealings with you. A person's personal testimony is one that cannot be refuted as it is theirs/mine. One can choose to believe it or is with anything of choice in life. However, when the life reflects the depth of is more tangible and as the definition of TRUST states..we have confidence in it and there is an eventual belief of that truth.

I remember reading a statement not long ago..actually in regards to the present youth "thought" on belief... that saddened me. It isn't necessarily in regards to GOD either.

it stated: It's true... because "I" believe it. NOT I believe it.. because "IT" is true.

There can be so much personal deception here...if "I" just want to believe something..maybe because it makes me feel good, happy, sounds good etc. there is great danger in it possibly NOT being true.

But when it is TRUTH ~ definition:( facts-conformity to fact, correct, honest)...then, I can put my complete confidence in the fact, that it is indeed true..I won't have to worry about it changing how I feel or my happiness etc. because it will remain a fact and true.

The Bible verses that brings great confidence to me in regards to Truth are found in the books of Hebrews chpt.13 verse 8.... Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day and for ever. And,
I Corinthians chpt. 14 verse 33... For God is not the author of confusion... and most of all...
St. John chpt. 1 verse 17..... but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

I am currently enrolled in a church history class...and it is notable that for the true facts about Jesus and others is the testimony of the enemy about them that makes it clear historical evidence of events etc. Some spoke of Christ and his crucifiction as an event that took place...others mention names ..such as James the brother of Jesus. Confirming..Jesus did live on this earth. We even ourselves take the "testimony" in a court of law as evidence..and weigh it with facts surrounding the word of the testimony to make a judgement.

So, with this...I pray that you as you read whatever I have written in this blog, as true personal testimony and take to heart the sincerity, the facts, and the evidence to encourage you in your life. And, that you will leave with a cup full of hope drawn from this well...of mine.

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Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I like what you said about deceiving ourselves into thinking something is truth, just because we want it to be... I will have to make sure I examine my decisions closer and make sure they are in line with the Bible, not just my own desires.
I'm sure that I will always come away from reading your wisdom with a cup FULL of water!