Monday, February 4, 2008


The days were passing well for Stephen. He was sustaining his own with minimal oxygen. Much to the surprise of the doctors and nurses. He'd watch his mobile with plastic farm animals dangling in a circular motion to music, cooing with contentment. (to this day... I still have the music box of the mobile and have played it for all my grandchildren).

I even found time to sew him a little denim teddy bear. My own pattern, with a red bow tied around his neck. The nurses were touched by my little "homemade" gift. It made me feel good for them to see that I did take the "time" for him even though my visits weren't as often as we wanted or maybe as they expected!The nurses assured me that he loved his little bear and mobile.

Happy days brought sunshine to the days that had been shadowed with sadness. Stephen's contentment and our Christian fellowship in the new church we attended, and the news of a planned visit from our mothers.

We were so anxious for their and making things special for their visit. The children colored banners of "Welcome" to put up on the garage door for viewing as they entered our roadway.

Upon their arrival there were hugs and tears of joy. A full two weeks of FAMILY!

My mother and I went to visit Stephen together and took photos of us each holding him. Knowing the distance from the hospital was a dilema for us, she was encouraged to help in a Ronald McDonald house upon her return home. I didn't know about these places in the U.S. that help parents/family with loved ones hospital bound. Living quarters close to the hospital, often right across the street, free of charge to families who must travel a good distance to be with their loved one.

We also rode the train one day to the city....another a car ride through the villages...and a walk to the local dairy many times for cheese and fresh milk. They loved getting to visit first hand the real life of a Swiss village and meet Claudine and her family.

The weekend before they left we took a wonderful journey to Zermat the village near the foot of "The Matterhorn".  Zermat is known as the village without cars, with only access by shuttle-train. My husband and his mother took the ski lift to The Matterhorn, while my mother and I stayed with the children and enjoyed the shops and scenery and just being together. The fresh mountain air and beautiful flowers adorning everything in sight enveloped my thoughts with pure pleasure and thankfulness. It was truly a comforting moment.......of rest.

II Samuel 22.34 He maketh my feet like hinds feet: and setteth me upon my high places.


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

What a sweet post!! I'd love to hear the music box some day.... I'm so glad that you kept it. Did you keep the denim bear as well?
Two weeks with family; what a blessing! It sounds like you had a wonderful, peaceful time together.

HOPE said...

I do have the little bear.

Peaceful time...that is what I needed and God so graciously brought it all about at...just the right time!
That's happened quite a bit hasn't it! ~ at just the right time~

Heather said...

Oh the arrival of family just seems to unleash all that pent up anxiety fear wonderful to have some extra shoulders to lean kept the bear?? That just really pulls at my heart...catching up this morning on all you have written!

HOPE said...

Oh yes...their arrival brought a "time" of relief...laughing and and just being together. The LORD's perfect timing as always...

Thank you Heather for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit with me. ((HUGS))