Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD. Psalm 31:24

The doctors decided now that Stephen was five months old and required minimal care, it was time to try and send him home. The small hospital had limited space as well.

One of the doctor's asked to speak with me and suggested I learn the tube feeding so that Stephen could go home and be with us as a family. The nurses had tried unsuccessfully feeding him solid foods. His swallowing was impaired and so the tube feedings would have to continue to be his means of nourishment for the time being.

NOTE: the doctors and nurses did not expect Stephen to live this long.

My thoughts once again raced and my heart as much...

"me?...I'm not a nurse!....and what if I can't!...OH! LORD!...I have to so I can bring Stephen HOME."

With the encouragement of the staff; I'd come a couple days a week to learn the procedures. Feeding and bathing.

The first few weeks I observed the daily routine. I watched the gentle care and precise details of every move they made.

At this same time...We received a much needed and timely letter from our Pastor back home. Encouraging words...

"The LORD has given you much to do, that he may reward you in the future. So many fail with little responsibility. Praise the LORD for those who remain strong and receive the grace God desires to bestow upon us who will let him."

My husband was my greatest supporter. He knew that it was something only I could do; something I needed to do ...as Stephen's mother. He helped me as much as he could even with the weighted responsibilities on his job. He often had to make trips away from home. I know these were stressful times, leaving us alone. But, we both understood our callings in our service to God as a family.

Mine...the wonderful "ministry" of MOTHERHOOD. A noble and honorable calling. Oh how,I love my children, they have never been a "burden" to me. I noted in my journal...

"My husband and I share a special love for our children and the joy of both of us being Christians with the same desires...to nurture them in the admonition of the LORD GOD. They truly must be the sweetest children on earth."

Little Charlie..Stephen's twin brother (not indentical)...was a chubby healthy baby with deep set brown eyes and a sweet smile. Everyone that came to visit held him and gave extra love knowing the absence of his twin. Claudine loved to babysit him when she was able.

Now...we needed to prepare for Stephen to join him in the same room. We were already blessed with the needed "twin" clothing and only had to purchase another crib.

Is it possible?...that finally...we will have TWINS! at home with us.

A crash course in Nursing 101... Clinical was about to begin....


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I would have been so nervous to do what you did for Stephen. Praise GOD that He gives us the strength to do what needs to be done.
I LOVE the note that your pastor sent to you. How encouraging! I'm glad you kept it.

HOPE said...

NERVOUS!!!...oh, yes!...this is why HIS PROMISES to us are so awesome and real. His WORD is truly our guide and His Holy Spirit our comforter.

I still have several encouraging letters from Brethren that meant so much to us...just words..like just a card~ but the thoughts conveyed and love were very very evident.

Heather said...

How overwhelming that must have seemed when they first suggested it! I would have been a nervous wreck. Praise the Lord for the love of your church and Pastor. That is so touching. You are one amazing woman...so blessed.

HOPE said...

Only amazing in the GRACE of our LORD Jesus!! I could not have gotten through any of this without the Lord...This is just the beginning of my fiery trial..but as you said in your recent post...the words you said perfectly stated...my heart then and now. Thanks Heather.