Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ready to go with PINK

Tomorrow is my Oncology appointment for my "mapping". Setting up the treatment site..taking measurements and x-rays or scans. I'm not really sure what to expect. An hour long appointment.

I'm prepared with my Pink Breast Cancer Awareness water bottle...that fits perfectly in the very nice Basket purse my sister sent's trimmed in PINK leather and has a cute floral lining. She is great at finding name brands at thrift stores and found this "BRIGHTON" purse just for the occasion, in mint condition. She knew I had a lot of appointments coming up and wanted me to go in "style". How thoughtful to think of something so useful and pretty... and PINK!

Another Breast Cancer...caring gift. I have been so encouraged by the HEARTS that want to reach out to me at this time...and I am learning from this...just how truly IMPORTANT it is to support people facing health issues. Not so much the gifts...but the thoughtfulness each has shown by REACHING OUT.

Not all Christians...but all wanting to say...

"I CARE" "I'm HERE for YOU"

Even with faith...we still abide in this flesh and it has it's ways with us. The uncertainty of the days ahead still ponder in your thoughts. How nice to know that you are not alone.

I Praise the LORD for HIS WORD that is my COMFORT and HOPE of all...

....and I can answer those reaching out with a returned Gratitude of strength in HOPE, that also comforts them in return!

I've noticed in some...the concern/worry...sometimes is also a reflection of their own fears.


I pray that in this journey...I will be a vessel of HOPE..


Pam--in Estonia said...

I love the PINK gifts... so thoughtful... and pretty!

I'll be praying that your big appointment goes well!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tote!

I also can see fear and worry in the eyes of people that are have an ongoing condition. But like you said, you are a ray of hope because you have allowed the Lord to use you in this time to bring glory to HIM!

I know the scare of going to get yourself tested...I too was in your shoes and while I was there, I saw the faces of those ladies and I wondered how they were feeling inside.

Most of the time, I find myself praying for them that they come to know the only way you can find peace and that is through Our Lord Jesus!

Thank you dear friend for sharing this time of your life. You are being an encourager to many...


Deborah said...

Amen! You truly do inspire HOPE in others!
I'm praying for your appointment today.

Aliene said...

I do love the pink gifts also. And the Hope that flows through your post. Will be praying for you.
Sometimes the unknown is worst than the remedy. Just keep that ray of Hope flowing.

Joy said...

Hello HOPE, I think of you often... praying for you.


Dear Hope, pink is surely your color and it is so pretty. I am so glad that God has sent those to encourage you. You have been such a blessing to many and that surely means me. Thank you so much. The Lord will go before you, preparing the way and making the all your roads straight. Praying that your oncology appointment goes so good. God bless and keep you, dear Hope. connie