Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wonderfully Made!

The beauty of God's creation! and we are an intricate part of it. Look at the detail of each of these different flowers.

One with petals ruffled as the Carnation's trademark..and it's own unique lovely scent. One of my favorite flowers and it happens to be the January flower..my birth-month

The other a MUM...with delicate petals folded and placed one upon the other..PERFECTLY. Must be why the British call their mothers MUM. She is a woman of many talents; so the flower has many petals of importance to make up it's beauty.

And..yet look at the other STAR MUM...another of the same species..but yet it's on entity of beauty...soft thin petals reaching out like hands.

Not to mention the vast array of colors GOD has strewn upon the gardens of his delight. EACH...wonderfully made by the GOD of ALL creation!

and so we also are WONDERFULLY MADE...

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. Psalm 139:14

These have been my thoughts in my journey of Breast Cancer.

With these points below mentioned on my first post...I will focus off and on as each.

Each has shown me just how much GOD thinks upon ME...all of us...personally. For we are HIS creation and HE KNOWS US. I'm so glad.

1. GOD leads the way...AMEN!!

In HIS providence, he guided me to the day of my mammogram.

2. God's provision..is perfect

He has provided: me with wonderful people for my care.
He has provided: for me to be able to have my treatments near home! A HUGE answer to prayer.
He has provided: me with female radiation techs!

3. New faces...New places...ALL IN HIS PLAN

I've met and witnessed to many already. From my biopsy to surgery to radiation.

The NEW faces give me a greater burden/and opportunity for souls around me...I will see these daily for the next six weeks!

4. Learning is a blessing...even with Cancer!

I've taken each doctor visit as an experience to learn about myself, others and the greatness of God's Grace in the knowledge doctors are given and the equipment used to provide great needs.

I'm learning more and more...CONFIDENCE in my SAVIOUR...HIS WAYS and HIS WORD...are my secured PEACE..AT SUCH A TIME.


I SEE....how wonderfully we are all made. Fearfully..yes! Because our creation so infinite and detailed that man could not possibly figure out each individual.

And so I am learning...how individualized CANCER is in each person. Our body makeups are so very personalized. Praise GOD! I find it fascinating that HE takes such notice of ME...from the beginning! and now as I journey here...I KNOW with confidence that HE also notices me now. He has a desire to fulfill in me...that I pray comes to pass in HIS perfect will.

I will post more on my particular Cancer on another post, thus continuing the thought of being Fearfully and Wonderfull made.


My Oncology Appointment last week was very pleasant (under the circumstances!) My mapping consisted of placement and markings for the radiation beams focal points. I was given...CUTE butterfly stickers!....Notable that the Medical Profession would go to such trouble to make something CUTE...but man knows our emotions and how the smallest...cuteness or prettiness can make CALM.

I first saw my doctors partner...he was very pleasant and I was able to tell him how I came about with my EARLY DETECTION MAMMAGRAM by way of Kelly Johnson a Missionary. He then inquired of me about MISSIONS!! another witness of my faith with my dear friend Kelly. ONCE again..GOD uses us both...in OUR JOURNEY.

My tech was a man..SIGH. But he was so considerate and made sure I was covered at all times and very discreet. I appreciated that very much and he noted when I was done.

If you were nervous, You sure didn't show it

This led to my witness of my salvation and PEACE AT SUCH AT TIME! and that I face reality head on and know you must do what you have to do...He was really impressed and began to ask more questions. This led to an invitation to my church, which he readily received. (thankfully HE is NOT my tech from now on...I was blessed with a quick answer to prayer (TODAY) of there being available TWO female techs there everyday and I get both! I SEE the GOODNESS OF THE LORD!

Also I had to have a CAT scan...now here was my FEAR...a TUBE (claustrophobia)...but NO..it was just a large open donut shape and no problems at all. PRAISES AGAIN!!


I had to go back in to be repositioned for my BUTTERFLIES! Two very sweet young women. As I came into the radiation room..I could imagine the FEAR of many people who have walked through these same doors. My heart aches to think of them.

I lay on a table with this HUGE machine that was to encircle around me as the Techs took new measurements and images. If one were to focus on the machines...I can see the fear entailing upon their emotions. Something about the magnitude of the size and what the machine actually does that causes the mind to run off! For me...I found it a LEARNING experience. Fascinating at that. I watched the movements carefully the opening and closing of what must have been the photo lenses...and the most note able of all in the room...

THE HEAVENLY SKY and CLOUDS that were put up on ceiling panels above the area I lay at. It was GORGEOUS...so real looking. I made a comment to the tech...

How nice to have us patients ...looking towards HEAVEN!!

It reminded me of the most gorgeous Sunny day with a few fluffy clouds to watch while laying on a bed of green grass.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.. Psalm 23:2a

I mentioned also the bars to grip behind my head...keeping my arms up..

that I can imagine the patients that must grip these for Dear LIFE!

They agreed...

Oh yes...many are like that

My routine begins tomorrow for the next six weeks.

I arrive and go into a changing room and put on a gown (my lower clothing remains!). I have my own little cubicle. Very discreet with our own ladies "waiting room". They then call me in for the radiation treatment which last only a few minutes.

Please pray with me that even in those few minutes each day...that opportunity will arise to speak with the "team". I have now spoken a brief witness with 6 people. Today, I gave the male tech a Gospel tract with our church address. A great opportunity to give him the address...as well as a testimony of What I believe and why. There was a poem on the cover about the Blood of Christ. Very nice. A new tract our church had in our tract holder. I'll post the poem on another post.

THANK YOU to all of you who are taking the time to read this Journey. I truly pray it will help you or someone you know or will know in the future who will pass this way also.



Deborah said...

Hello! I just had a few moments and noticed you had posted, so wanted to stop by. Thank you so much for giving these updates. Your positive attitude just makes my day!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord, He worked out so many wonderful things for you!

You are such a good testimony and you encourage me so much with these posts.

Thank you my friend!


Kelly Johnson said...

THank you for reminding me that the Lord created me and even though I HATE this disease, He has a greater purpose for our lives. What a blessing this was to read this morning before school.

Praying for your treatments. So glad the Lord gave you female techs!! WhooHoo! I need to mention those clouds to my Japanese doctor.
Love you, Kelly Anne

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear! What an encourager you are. To see the Lord work during those moments when our emotions can take over and block oiut His Grace...you have taken His truths and held on!

Thank you for sharing all of your journey.

My prayers are with you and may the Lord continue to open doors for you as you continue for the next six weeks.!

Your spirit is renewed completely by Him that lives in you...but your body will suffer tiredness and discomfort. Drink fluids dear friend and rest.

In His Love,


Aubrey said...

thanking the Lord again for answers to prayer! I love you! can't wait to spend time with you when you come for a visit!

Pam--in Estonia said...

I love how you see and TAKE every opportunity the Lord gives to you to be a witness to someone. What a wonderful testimony and example you are to me!
Love you! {{HUGS}}

Camille said...

What a beautiful testimony of God's goodness in your life! His love radiates throughout this post...so precious that He is using you in such wonderful ways! May He continue to give grace day by day as you travel this road!