Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 3 Radiation Therapy

The above pin was given to me by one of the receptionist Alexandra. I had gone early yesterday so I could look in the gift shop and purchase a Breast Cancer pin. The shop was closed for good. She ran to the back before I could stop her...and brought out this lovely pin for me. I love it!

Today was my third day of my treatments...and I wore my lapel pin today!!

All is well...other than breaking my nice Breast Cancer water bottle! It was made of hard plastic and fell out of my hand and cracked big off to order another and give once again to the Breast Cancer cause...I don't mind one bit!

As I walked in today I was happily greeted by a dear lady from my church..Betty. You might have read about this dear woman on my Creative Heart Blog of a luncheon in her honor. How nice to receive her warming hug this day. She is like a second mother to me. GOD IS GOOD to time this so.

She had brought in her daughter in law for a Chemo port. Lois has colon cancer and has been in the fight for over a year now. She has 7 children with four still at home and two of them are young twin boys about 8 yrs old.. Please say a prayer for Lois as you think upon me and Kelly Anne. Lois is a born again Christian. There are so many more I personally know of going through the battles of Cancer.

Yesterday, I saw my Oncologist and he apologized for me having to see his partner last week. He had to have emergency Triple Bypass Heart surgery!! Apologize! Such a good man. He is a very caring dedicated doctor. He thanked me when I said I'd be in prayer for him and add him to our church prayer list. I will see him each Tuesday during my treatments. He explained to me yesterday my treatment plan. The last week, I will be getting a BOOST each that may give me a boost of fatigue also. I'll be prepared.


Oh and of course my dog GUS, will be right beside me. He has to touch me furry "comforter".

The above photo was taken after my surgery as I lay on the sofa. Sweet boy.

I also spoke with a very sweet young woman ...Christy the dietitian. She is working with me now on my nutrition and weight. She did say that I eat the right foods..but need to..fine tune it. I see her again tomorrow. They want me to hold off on the extreme exercise due to fatigue issues..concentrate on the therapy and rest for now. But, we are going to work on the diet. I should have told her that my HOT FLASHES are giving me enough SWEAT now that I SHOULD be losing pounds daily! I wish!

Sooo...I might have some nutrition information for you. My eldest daughter is taking nutrition classes so she too will be my helper.

The SCARY machine was at it again today...I watched the TEETH moving in and out and whirring about. I just looked up once again and beheld the lovely SKY and kites amongst the clouds.

Yesterday was very raining and so that made for a nice day briefly!!

I continue to pray that I will make a difference there...that doors of opportuntity will be available...I am going in a little early..purposely to be available for that DOOR! (time to chat!!)

Blessings to all and again...thank you for your prayers and loving comments.



Pam--in Estonia said...

I love the pin!! How sweet of Alexandra to give that to you.

I'll continue praying for your treatments and for many opportunities to be a witness!

~ Maria ~ said...

Oh my dear Hope...what a blessing you are to me! Thank you for sharing this journey with us. You are such an amazing individual to think of others instead of what you are going through.

Rest, dear friend, rest. I know that this might be a bit hard, but it is very necessary. How wonderful that you have a dietician working with you by fine tuning your meals.

I truly believe, that the Lord has given us everything that we need to be healthier.

Keeping you close in my prayers...


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Good Evening Dear Friend~I hope you feel well this evening. I am praying!
Like Maria said~rest!
Thank you for your brave testimony for those who are walking the same road of cancer. I will pray for both your friends too!
Thought & Prayers~

Kelly Johnson said...

One of the difficulties in this cancer journey has been meeting younger women with children. I have it much easier. My husband and adult daughter take such good care of me and I don't have to worry if I am not paying little ones enough attention. I will be praying for this woman.

Thank you for sharing about Day 3 and glad it went so well with the oncologist. Continuing to pray for you.

Abounding Treasures said...

What a beautiful pin!!

Praying for you during this journey in radiation ... that the Lord will keep and uphold you each step of the way and that He will honour your desire to be there *early* so you are open for any opportunities to chat with others :o)

Thanks for your caring comments on my blog a few days ago, dear Hope - I really appreciated them!