Friday, March 5, 2010


Today finished my first week of Radiation Therapy.

I can say it has been a GOOD week. I've learned so much!

About Radiation passing the time PEACEFULLY!

The photo is the HEAVENLY SKY panels that are placed in the ceiling above the area where I receive my treatments. The photo of course does not do it justice. It is truly BEAUTIFUL!

Interesting to note that they added the flying if you could maybe imagine a nice cool breeze as you lie there having..WHAT? A Radiation Treatment! Shows that someone must have done a study on the BRAIN and the affects of what we see!!

Kind of noteworthy of the Christian's...looks before the WORLD.
What do they notice and SEE of US!?

I have to share this funny with you. Yesterday as I looked upward..I thought about a cute card my mom gave me years ago with two rabbits lying in the grass..CLOUD WATCHING. So...I did some...You won't believe what I is comical..given what I have written about the machine and how SCARY it could be and the TEETH and NOISE it makes... I searched the clouds possibly for a little lamby...I found JAWS!

If you look in the upper right corner...there is a side view of a SHARK with is mouth slightly open... You DO see it RIGHT? The technician laughed when I told her about it...

and so back to PERFECT PEACE at such a time! I have actually enjoyed finding as much Positive out of this as possible.

Here is a photo the radiation machine in it's entire. The machine actually moves from side to side around me half way. After viewing this photo..I really didn't realize how massive it is compared to lying under it and seeing it from my prone position.

Did I tell you that prior to the actual treatment it has to calculate my position and the table I am lying on starts to SHAKE a COULD and MIGHT think a small EARTHQUAKE was happening!!

I'm telling you all this...just in have to experience this or know someone who will.... know that ALL IS OKAY...

Rejoice evermore.
Pray without ceasing.
In everything give thanks;for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
I Thessalonians 5:16-18

As I walked out to the waiting room today...Lois was there again! She did not realize we had the same appointment times. Hers is every other week however..but nice that we saw each other again and she followed me onto a Monthly Ladies Bible Study I started today.

We began in Titus 2. It was so nice as a few ladies got together and made preparations for a mini lunch prior to our study.

I am feeling some fatigue but I don't know if it's the radiation or my Fibromyalgia. But this weekend I'll rest up...and enjoy being home with my husband and sweet Gus. I have a slight discoloration...but nothing really other side affects. AMEN.

Thank you again for following and for praying..IT IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

PLEASE pray for my dear friend Kelly Anne in Okinawa...DAILY. She has a BATTLE to fight but GOD knows..and he is arming her with HIS STRENGTH!

Blessings to all...


~ Maria ~ said...

Praising the Lord that your week has passed! He was with you dear Hope, through it all.

Lifting up Kelly Anne to Our Lord, that He continues to give her the strength to endure...



Pam--in Estonia said...

{{HUGS}}... you're always close in my heart, thoughts, and prayers!

Deborah said...

Your sky panels are beautiful, but YES I see the open jaws!
Praying for you, and for the friends you've met along the way.

Just Be Real/God Whispers In The Wind said...

(((((Hope))))) as you go through with Him. Blessings.

Julie Loveless said...

I think of you and Kelly often and pray for you both. I just checked out both of your blogs and they look just fine. I guess it must be a problem with Google. When I look at "It's A Loveless World" the center column ends a few inches from the header, which makes it hard to read the posts. Also, some of the follower's photo's are missing, like Deb Bolack. As long as everything looks okay to the readers I guess its alright. My new blog only has a problem with the followers pics.

Your testimony is such a blessing. Even though I've never had to fight cancer myself, only the Lord knows what is in my future. Having testimonies like my Mom's, yours, and Kelly's will be a huge blessing IF I ever have to deal with it myself. If not, you all have given me a resource of examples to point others to. God bless and get some rest.