Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Breast Cancer Survivor Celebration Quilt

I was pleasantly surprised to receive this Wonderful, heartwarming gift in the mail Monday. This is only one side..the other holds many lovely blocks as well.

It is absolutely GORGEOUS!

A photograph does not even match the beauty it holds....nor the hearts of the ladies who made this. I have been a member of an online quilting group for the past four years..and during this time we have shared not only Quilting helps, ideas and swaps..but we have shared a lot of our life with one another. A diverse group...aged 20's - 70's...from newbies Quilters to experts. I have met two of the ladies in person..and one in our group is also a very very dear friend of mine living in another state. We have watched many of us suffer through difficulties and losses. Their support has been most encouraging to me at this time of my Breast Cancer Journey...and now this.

A token of LOVE from ladies all over the world. The United States..from the East to the West...from the U.K. and Australia! Just amazing. I am humbled at this thoughtful gift given with so much talent and time sacrificed for me.

Here is a sample of one with the Breast Cancer Ribbon.

And then...look at this!! The lovely square patch says "HOPE".

I thank the LORD for blessing my life so such a time! He truly does make our paths to cross in the lives of others for so many reasons. I have been encouraged by HIS WORD, HIS PRESENCE and the people he has brought my way...even my readers here. THANK YOU!

These same ladies helped me make a Patriotic Quilt for my youngest son while he was in Iraq. (see my blog post archive at THIS IS THE DAY)

(UPDATE) my fatigue seems to be getting better! Might be the energy bar recipe I've been making! I will be giving you more information on cancer itself in upcoming post and my own experience and what has helped.)

Blessed is the people that know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O LORD, in the light of thy countenance. Psalm 89:15

Blessings to you..


Anonymous said...

What a gift friends are!

The quilt is beautiful. A token of their love for you and filled with prayer in every stitch.

May Our Lord continue to give you energy and fill you with HIS peace,


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! (o:

Joy said...

Hello HOPE, now I know the story behind Gus's post. That is beautiful! What a loving, kind, thoughtful gift. You are blessed. I love the 'HOPE' stitched in the center of the one square, very pretty.

Pam--in Estonia said...

The quilt is absolutely gorgeous! And knowing the love and thoughtfulness that was behind it makes it even more special. What a wonderful gift!

Nancy M. said...


I came by to visit your blog again..
I love all the beautiful encouraging words and pictures of life.
I love your quilt given in love through other ladies .
God encourages us through so many little things doesnt He.....
take care my friend.
love, nancy

Aliene said...

What a beautiful quilt and all the love that is behind it. I haven't been around much lately but I did think about you and pray for you. I am so glad your chemo is over.
have a blessed week end.


The quilt is truly wonderful and so full of love, that I can see. So happy to see that you seem to be doing very good. My prayer is for that to continue.You are one of my special blessings and I want God's very best for you, Hope. Please consider yourself hugged with much love and appreciation for all that you are. connie