Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Radiation Therapy Graduation

Edit...there was some other picture here that was not mine...so it is now gone. I don't know how it came on here? Please excuse the note.

It felt this jubilent!! All smiles and hugs as I finished up my last treatment on Friday April 16th 2010.

My "girls" were such a blessing each day...very caring. We had a few moments to "chat" each day and share things about our lives.

The last day was very emotional for me. These young ladies became a part of my life history. I spent every day of 6 weeks with them...each morning rising, knowing I too would have a place in their lives. As with my ladies luncheon theme "Bloom Where You Are Planted (post on my blog... A Creative Heart) I wanted to plant seeds of faith in the hearts of all those around me.

I did.. in my own spiritual growth...seeing God's hand in various ways in my life..revealing my weaknesses...giving me strength...courage.

Several years ago for my birthday, I received a wonderful journal called;

"The Book of Myself"....A Do-it-Yourself Autobiography in 201 Questions

It is broken down into three parts of your life;
Early years/childhood...Middle Years/young adult...Later Years/Full Maturity

The topics are categorized also in each section by Family, Friends, Education, Work/responsibilites and The World

Some of the questions or statements to answer are;

Some of my favorites...My mother/father's traits were.....This gift really sticks out in my memory...My Parents felt strongly about passing on these lessons..
This is one of the most important things about life... This was big news in my youth... I saw the world around me change because of this..This is something I learned the hard way...If I could do this over, I'd....These people affected my life...These people were very dear friends to me...
This person had the most impact on my life...in my youth...in my young adult life...in my elder years.

Very sobering thoughts...to enter into your own autobiography.

I wonder how many people realize you record something about THEM that will be there for others to read. How about the BOOK OF LIFE...the record GOD keeps.

These girls will be written about in my journal of life...they will forever be in my thoughts as I pray and recall their names. They were with me through a journey that required entwined hearts. They have to watch patients day in and day out face the battle of Cancer....I as a patient watched them day in and day out..care for me.

It was a blessing to have these young women care about the work they do...with smiles and friendly voices. I have heard contrary in other locations of therapy..how sad. I thank the LORD for putting me in the hands of these Proffessionals with compassionate hearts. God has surely shown his loving kindness to me.

As I continue on my Cancer Journey...I will continue to give you information the I hope will be helpful and encouraging.

(Please continue to pray for Kelly Anne Johnson as she goes into a more aggressive phase of her Chemo treatments at this time)




I am so happy for you, Hope. God has certainly blessed and kept you through this journey that you did not choose to go through but with God's grace you came through with flying colors. Congratulations to you my dear friend.

This post brought back memories of when my dear Jim, went through this journey and graduated from his radiation therapy. How happy we were. Yet, wondering what lay ahead for us. God has blessed us even more because as you said,"BLOOM? I did...in my own spiritual growth...seeing God's hand in various ways in my life...revealing my weaknesses... giving me strength...courage."

We, too, grew in the journey that we shared. I am sure that others were touched by your faith and will never be the same because of your example. Thank you dear friend, for being so. Love you, connie

Aubrey said...

Congratulations on a job well done..and a journey completed well. Hope you are feeling better and praying you can resume a new normal and have your energy back =D

Joy said...

Hello Hope! congrats to the graduate! Great and thoughtful post... the Book of Life, what is God recording about me. Sobering.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations dear friend!

What an amazing moment that must have been.

May Our Lord bless you & keep you,


Anonymous said...

There is something so amazing when you see the hand of Our Lord at work!

Congratulations dear friend!

May Our Lord continue to keep you healthy and for HIS purpose!


~~Deby said...

I am glad that you have graduated..and I would venture to guess that these new friends would say what a blessing *you* were to them...it seems to be through your blogging and writings that you would have such a positive, encouraging effect on people...thankful for you, Hope..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your graduation!

I *know* you had a spiritual impact on the lives of your 'ladies'.

....you've certainly had an impact on *mine* through your blog and e-mails. (o:

Blessings and Hugs my friend,