Monday, April 12, 2010

My Final Week of Radiation Therapy!

Week 6 and GRADUATING the doctor tells me!! He is a former Professor at a University so this must be HIS lingo for ending your course!

The LORD in his infinite graces...manifested it once again last week. I was SUPPOSE to be ending my treatments last week..but the machine was down. Nothing serious. Radiation machines run off a water cooling system. They do SAFETY checks EVERY day and Friday (that was the day, I just sooo happen to have to decorate for the Ladies Luncheon (see A CREATIVE HEART postings)...the water system was too warm.


I was concerned about being fatigued that day with so much to do and company arriving on top of it all...and the luncheon the NEXT day. I was tired..but nothing like the usual end of the week zap! Praise the LORD!

The weekend was MARVELOUS!

My dear friend I hadn't seen in TEN YEARS was visiting and went with me on Monday to my regular scheduled therapy. What a blessing to have a "friend" come along...

"I hope I can keep up with everything..was my prayer"

Company visiting..special meetings at church..EVERY NIGHT for a WEEK....
and dinners at church too!

Well...Tuesday, Wed and Thursday...the machine is down due to waiting on a part!

NO treatments!

(I did get the 24 hour flu bug Tues..survived! whew)

but...Thanking the LORD that the entire week was not with the usual fatigue....and had I had the skin would have been something to deal with..NO WORRIES there either. AMEN.

Friday...I had ONE treatment...saw my doctor and all was fine....made it to the last Preaching service of the week...sang a special as planned...and enjoyed the fellowship of our dear friends ...ALL WEEK LONG!

Last Friday.. I gave gifts to my "team" and let them know how much I appreciated their time and encouragements..even if they do get PAID!

How surprised and pleased they were. I made the women HOPE-TOTES as shown above.
My oncology nurse Rose...even gave me a hug and was very touched by the unexpected gift. I PRAY that SHE is the one God sent me to minister to. She is very receptive. Please pray for her this week.

I can't express my THANKFULNESS for the sweet comments and your prayers!
God bless..


Deborah said...

Praise the Lord!! He is so good!
I so glad to hear that your week went well. Congratulations on 'graduating'! :0)

~ Maria ~ said...

Praising Our Lord together dear one !

He is so amazing!!!

My heart is full of joy for you dear friend for such a "non-eventful" time of treatments and the opportunity to minister to one of the nurses.

May Our Lord bless you & keep you,


Patty said...

I stopped by from Farming on Faith when I saw your icon today. You have such a sweet testimony here of God's goodness and how we can be used by Him even if difficult times. I hope you have a wonderful day in the Lord.

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh Hope I am so glad you made it through. Praise God .I am praying for you daily.
So glad you were feeling well enough to do all you needed to do this week.
Blessing to you today My Friend~
Love & Prayers~