Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm happy to report that my thyroid issues are finally under control!! I have lost one dress size!! sooo excited, since I gained going off my HRT at the time of my Breast Cancer diagnosis...then finding out after further weight gain...I had Hypothyroidism.

I've been taking my dosage of Synthroid..along with eating Lean Cuisine meals for dinner...AND the miracle of ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR with the MOTHER!!! I use the BRAGG brand.

I take one TABLE spoon with a 1/4 cup purified water every morning and afternoon..DOWN THE HATCH...ewwww it is pickle juice. I'm use to it and not so bad...just be prepared!!!

This amazing vinegar...has soooo many health benefits. I believe this especially has helped with the weight.

I also know from EXPERIENCE...I had a severe stomach cramp come upon me one afternoon and ran to my Bragg ACV (apple cider vinegar) and within 10 minutes the pain was gone and did not return!!!

My daughter used this to heal a UTI my g'daughter age 11 had...completely cured!!

It is good for energy, blood pressure, digestive problems, joint pain etc. You can read about the benefits at the Bragg website or even a google search of the product speaks volumes.

I have one more Mammogram to go this month for my followups..and if all is well...BACK TO THE ONE YEAR Mammos! YEA!

I appreciate all the prayers from you!!! Thank you soo much!

To your health...


Kelly Johnson said...

Wonderful news! I think of you nearly everyday and pray for you often! Thank you for being my friend and being such an encouragement! Praise the Lord for His watchcare of you!!

Deborah said...

So nice to hear from you! I've tried apple cider vinegar in the past and couldn't stand the taste...maybe it's time to try it again.

Joy said...

There you are and as pretty as ever! The ACV sounds interesting... the taste? Not sure I could do it. Might check out the site. Glad to see your smiling face. How is The Book going? (not the Bible). For the past couple of weeks, I kept thinking I should e-mail you. Pat Gus's smooth little head for me.

Loretta & Amanda said...

Glad to hear all is well with you. My daughter is a childhood cancer survivor and we are so thankful for God's many blessings throughout our cancer journey.

My Dad has been a firm believer in drinking apple cider vinegar for years, but for some reason I've never tried it. I guess maybe it's time :)

Barbara said...

Such great news my friend, I tell you the more I read in your blogs the more alike I find us to be, I know we would e great friends if close to each other. I too have the Braggs Vinegar in my fridge, I also have the Hyperthyroid problem and have been on Synthroid for many years, my thyroid is inactive and will never become active again.
I had a problem adjusting it but all is well now, and I have little problems now with it.
Hope you have a glorious day, and sing praises unto our King.