Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy is ME!

This is how I feel...

and I love this photo...MAKES you SMILE.

I am happy to report again on the wonders of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar!!

I burned myself on the top of my hand...(to my dismay of scars! and NOT pulling out the oven rack to test my cakes)...

I remembered reading that the ACV could treat BURNS!!! I quickly dabbed a small amount on the burn ( a slight ting) the burn WAS..about 1/2 and inch long and a bubble. Each day I applied a dab whenever I was in my kitchen...and before bedtime.

VOILA...within a week...the burn has almost COMPLETELY disappeared. I did not take a photo..and wish I had to show you the quick succession of healing!! At this time is is barely noticeable. I am hoping there will not be even a tiny scar...to show my..well, you know! I HAVE LEARNED the hard way to finally, pull out the oven rack!

PLEASE NOTE CAUTION...on the type and severity of a burn you have. Research the methods of application first. I tried this on the basis of what I had read in my book on Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother (Organic)

I will be posting more on the helps that ACV had done for me, personally. I've done a ton of research and everything I have read, confirms it's health benefits.

I've even given the book to my physician to read. She was very good about supporting me and wanting to help me by her own research as well. I'm anxious to speak with her when I see her again.

I recently saw a "Specialist" for GERD and he was quick, rude and put me on a med that made me more ill! THUS, the ACV book for my NICE physician and her help and concern to HEAL me, not treat the symptoms.

Sooo, we'll see. I wait on the LORD each day for HIS will and guidance in all matters of living and HEALTH.



Deborah said...

Thank you for posting this! Such good timing. I just yesterday told my husband that someone had blogged about ACV, but I couldn't remember who. I've heard of it's benefits before, and tried it in the past, but hated the taste, but I'm thinking of trying it again.

Barbara said...

Yes ACV is a wonderful thing for so many other things also, mydh drinks it, I cannot tolerate it myself, but know it works well.

LDH said...

Can't say I am good at visiting doctors but I did have a mammogram last month and all is well. So nice stopping by to visit with you!

Kindly, orraine

sjmcdowell said...


I wanted to stop by and thank you for coming to visit me today on my Blog and for your helpful suggestion about the Apple Cider Vinegar.
I use to take ACV everyday and stopped because it was burning my esophagus and as a result I developed a gerd problem. I cannot take vinegar at all now. I know avc is very healthful and I still swear by it. I have not tried the pill form yet though and have been meaning to. It also helps with weightloss.
As far as my Fibro goes the ACV did not help it. I am known to be a bit of an anomaly with various health issuse over the years.

My husband and I adore Savannah and Tybee and are working towards making it our home someday!
How long have you lived near Savannah?

Wishing you a lovely day,



I wanted to come back and let you know that Jim and I have been using the ACV. We take blood test in September so excited to see how they turn out. Jim has had high cholesterol, he has not been able to take the drugs for lowering it as his liver is harmed. We are praying that this will do the joy. Thanks for the information. Have a great day. connie

Silver Strands said...

Good to hear all of that - and thanks for the reminder in your comment on my blog. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar it is! ... headed to Whole Foods to get some today :) I'll let you know how it goes.