Saturday, October 1, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's time to remember the IMPORTANCE of Breast Cancer Awareness! Time to get your yearly Mammogram. I read that if you plan your yearly around another are more likely to REMEMBER!


I let two years slip BREAST CANCER was not found by a lump. It could ONLY BE DETECTED BY DIGITAL MAMMOGRAM!

Even if it is unlikely month isn't it for PINK...but by those wearing it....

It will definitely stand out! 

I had my last followup and now go for a my date will be around my  Birthday now. An easy time to REMEMBER..and a celebrating time for more reasons than one. Another birthday..and ANOTHER YEAR Breast Cancer FREE. My Yearly marks just happen to be in January when I had my surgery. A good way to start off the NEW YEAR also. REMEMBERING!

Remembering GOD's Grace upon my life...the journey and the blessings that came...
yes..through a TRIAL OF FAITH.

Congratulations to my fellow SURVIVORS!!
God bless.


Barbara said...

Amen Hope I think we all have been touched by this breast cancer, I know several of my friends have had it, n now my long time childhood friend has it, praying she survives as well as the other friends did, praying for her and all with the dreaded disease called Cancer.

Denise said...

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