Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Memory...Diagnosis

This month marks the time...two years ago, I was diagnosed with invasive Breast cancer.

At the time, I had no idea what I was going to face in this dreadful disease that afflicts so many.

INVASIVE...not a good word to hear in Cancer.

BREAST CANCER...runs in my family.

My husband and I patiently sat in the waiting room to hear further information on what my treatments would entail.

SURGERY....what kind? Consultation with surgeon to follow.

OPTIONS..thankful we have them. DECISIONS....what is best for...ME?

SUNDAY PREACHING....Three Reasons We Suffer.

1. Your own transgressions
2. Your adversary to "TEST" your FAITH.
3. Bring GLORY to GOD by showing HIS strength, power and grace..in YOU!

A look at the sufferings of Paul the Apostle.

I remember the sufferings of Missionary Hudson Taylor.

When a new born Christian...I asked my husband ...WHY??

I could not then....THEN. Comprehend the reasons, the suffering and pain the heartache..the toil.

Til...my own turn came.

Not with Breast Cancer. But a son born with Downs Syndrome and a congenital heart defect. He would not live long. Nine Months after birth...he died.

The precious "lost" soul of a nurse was saved.

I'm thankful my memory...is that of GOD's GRACE at such a time.

WHY??? GOD's Divine purposes.

My FAITH was indeed tested. The adversary worked hard as well..sifting as wheat.

God's Glory? You ask?


YES...my FAITH strengthened with comfort, hope and courage. My FAITH revealed even to myself that it was REAL and full of power, even yet unbeknownst to me. It was working in me.

Again it would work in me...through my Breast Cancer Journey.

FAITH...would I trust GOD again...with my life...with my future...with HIS purpose?

A friend wrote me a song...PEACE AT SUCH A TIME.

Yes, again it came. It was there in full assurance. COURAGE to believe and endure.

Surgery would remove a tumor...no mastectomy.

I chose to read Psalm 55: 18, 22 before bed the night before surgery.

The surgery showed invasive...

January 20th pathology report... not in my lymph nodes.

January 21st...my 55th Birthday

January 25th surgeon appointment(the day my son died years earlier)

NOTE** #5 is GRACE
20 = 5 x 4 25 = 5x5 55 = 5 x 10

I'm thankful my MEMORY is that of God's Grace shown to me at such a time.

A Diagnosis that now is a memory for me. A memory of HIS GRACE.

Through one trial and test of faith...death came.

Through another...life was spared.

GOD's work and will performs HIS good purpose. Romans 8:28

We must believe it and trust HIM...

He will give you GRACE in time of need.

He will give you STRENGTH, COURAGE and HOPE.

Have no Fear. Jesus in near.

LIFE...will you fear and not let GOD show you HIS care...HIS work and HIS promises???

This life is a testing ground...of how you will live it. How you will affect others. And...what will you do with Jesus?

Hymn What Will You Do With Jesus?
Albert B. Simpson 1843-1919

Jesus, I give thee my heart to-day!
Jesus I'll follow Thee all the way.
Gladly obeying Thee! "will you say,
This will I do with Jesus!

What will you do with Jesus? Neutral you can not be;
Some day your heart will be asking, "What will He do with me?"

Take the LORD JESUS a your Saviour today..not at this "season" but for all eternity!!!

I pray this post is an encouragement to believe and trust and REJOICE.

Memories can be full of GRACE.


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Deborah said...

Again, such a wonderful testimony of faith! Hope you are well, sorry I haven't been around much these days.