Monday, May 28, 2012

Trigger Finger. 
A new condition, I am assuming is coming from my Thyroid condition.

I am currently keeping it as much as possible in a splint. Resting the joint in my ring finger of the right hand..naturally the dominate hand!!

I will soon be contacting an orthopedic doctor or evaluation..hoping to avoid surgery.

This is a brand new subject for me. I have never heard of this condition before.

In wearing the of course draws attention...WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU???

Break a finger??

So when you say TRIGGER FINGER...a questionable SMILE, come on!

NO..REALLY..that IS what it is called.  It becomes quite a funny conversation!

So now..those who know...get the quick draw of my Trigger Finger GUN!

We laugh... laughing matter with the splint off. Very painful and I'm afraid getting worse. The stiffness of the finger now...gets stuck so that I have to take the other hand to PRY it open. Feels as though it will break.

Yes..time to see the doc.

I do appreciate your prayers concerning this. Has hampered my ability to write on my blogs and especially my desire to continue my study on Women of the Bible on THIS IS THE DAY.

If you are here..

Thank you for stopping by..You are appreciated!


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Joy said...

HOPE you have made some progress towards healing. Sounds painful--OUCH! Losing the loss of even one hand or a few fingers can seriously "cramp" our style. I HOPE you are feeling better.