Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thyroid Med Remedy!

I am so thrilled to write that taking my Synthroid at NIGHT has made a world of difference for me!

I have slept better, my energy levels have picked up and my nails (us women!) look the best they have been in years! Growing and look HEALTHY.

I did research...seems my hobby as of late. ..and found information on taking the meds at night.  This may not help everyone so NOTE this please. The second night my heart was racing..but after that I was fine. Could be my body was adjusting to the change.

At night, I don't have to worry about when to not eat food...when to take other meds. Now, I can take it a couple hours or just at bedtime and my stomach has no food nor meds to conflict with absorption. SO GLAD I found this a book found at a thrift store!!  What a find!

I am hoping triggier finger ailment will heal itself (though I did have to get the dreaded Cortizone shot in the finger!) Yes, it hurts...but worth the pain to have it releave the ongoing pain issue. I can now move my finger and now, once in a while it gets caught in the joint.

I am hoping to update all my blogs.

If  you are a follower..THANK YOU and I hope to hear from you.



Barbara said...

Interesting Hope. I had never heard of a trigger finger before but we have a consultant Dr friend living opposite and he told me what it was and said it would heal once the inflammation had gone down.
It started out of the blue and became very painful and stiff and if I did manage to move the joint the loud click sounded scary. Apart from general use I could not use it to type and Dr friend suggested to rested from computer but I did not, just got to using fingers. Once our weather warmed up it eased and now it is fine.

Joy said...

Hi Hope,

I am so glad you have found relief with this issue. I have been thinking about you for the past week and wondering how you are. I hope your summer has gone well. When the Weather Channel mentions your area, my little pointed ears perk up! Ha! Hope little Gussie is well also. Joy