Monday, August 27, 2012

Feeling pretty good right now!


This is ZIGGY...quite at home now with us.

I feel about this way now~! AMEN..Praise the LORD!

A couple months of trying the new Synthroid night regime and it's working great!

I had a bout with my Fibromyalgia however...Not nice. My trigger finger ended up with a Cortisone shot...not as bad as the knee shot..but, lets say "oooh that was a smartie"! It has made a huge difference. Took a couple weeks to be fully move able without it "triggering". But, then, my knee decided at that same doctor visit to cause concern. I decided to ride er' MRI..I did have xray and nothing showed up

and sure my husband and I thought. FIBRO. SIGH.

It has been working on healing...prayer and carefulness of the knee.

I am slowly but wait patiently now on any hurting issues..since FIBRO comes in flare ups and passes some quickly...some I have had for months. Just so strange. But, tolerable. Thank the LORD.

It is kind of embarrassing as I have read of others too...when you have an ace bandage here and there!! From time to time. WHAT is your PROBLEM LADY!

At least, my friends know me...

Fibromyalgia also can come with Hypothyroidism. So there ya have it. My long term Diagnosis.

I am soooo VERY THANKFUL for my husband. He always helps me when I need it. No questions..he just does. Whaatta MAN. YES, a MAN...M...A...N. who helps his Wife. With Fibro..REST is the most helpful.

He has a wonderful testimony of Godliness for me...and for his sacrificial ways ... not boasting or having to prove his manliness. HE IS A MAN..and HE is a kind HELPER to a wife's needs.. I have told him often.."I'll do that"..."NO, you go put your feet up and REST"...."I did dishes as a kid..I worked in the kitchen at a restaurant in my teens. I can certainly do dishes for my wife"!! AMEN like I said...

WHAATTA MAN!! I love HIM..for who he friend and husband.

Thank you for stopping by..I pray the information here is helpful to someone Else's health issues.



Barbara said...

Glad things are improving. I sometimes wonder if if have some Fibromyalgia. I can have severe pain in differing parts of my body and at differing times and pain free times too.

Maria Glazacheva said...

Oh il est trop mignon!!
xxx Maria xxx

Joy said...

Whatta Man!!