Wednesday, December 12, 2007

...the visits begin...part 2

During our friend's stay with us; the Lord blessed us in so many ways with a "taste" of HOME: talking about our friends, hugs and just that good feeling of belonging.(I say blessed of the Lord, because in all the blessings we have been given during this trial they were all possible because of Him). We all enjoyed getting to know "little Charlie". Our son was named after a very dear friend of ours.

We also gave her a mini tour of Switzerland. What FUN! Yes, we actually had the pleasure of laughter once again. We ate Fondue and drove around some of the countryside and took many "talking" walks together. It was a peaceful time of reflection of the many ways we had been blessed. There was so much to share with her of God's great care for us.

Before she returned to the States, we took her to visit little Stephen in the ICU. She would have to view him from a large picture window, while we held him. I can still see her sweet face smiling in the window, but through tears. It was such an emotional time for all of us. I can imagine the thoughts and prayers on her own heart at that time. Knowing even the difficulty it would be for her to leave us.

Our visits to the hospital were limited by the distance, my husband's job and one vehicle. And after each visit we questioned?

How long the visits would continue? Would Stephen come home soon? What steps do we take to prepare ourselves?

I sent for information from the Down's Syndrome Foundation and when I received the package of booklets I was so overwhelmed. There was so much material to read, but in doing so, I was happy to find stories of Down's children that survived and did well in life. I wasn't a stranger to my son's condition having worked with Down's children at a special school during my High School years. I grew very attached then, to a boy named Joey.

Times like this cause us to realize how thankful we should be. Even in the situation of life I found myself to be in; I was so grateful to know the LORD. He had proven himself to me over and over...that his promises are sure. His promises of strength and comfort. I knew that no matter what befell me, I had the comfort of the me Hope.

Lamentations 3:24 The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him. this present time: I have had the pleasure of knowing a young lady with Down's at one of our local stores. She is a worker there and always bubbling over with joy and smiles. Down's children are known as the "sunshine kids". No wonder. She though an adult, is just this. She is very intelligent and quite the proud boaster of her accomplishments as well. I was so happy for her when she showed me her engagement ring and planned to marry soon!


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

What a blessing to have a friend there with you to bring some laughter into your lives at such a time.
I'm on the edge of my seat for the next post!

HOPE said...

Yes Pam, even in the valley..there is a stream of cool water to refresh the soul and with so many blessings already from the LORD it is as though the valley climbed "just a little" here and there towards the mountain! Don't you think?
...on the edge of your seat!...I'm glad that my story has you anxious to know what the work of the LORD is bringing forth next!


God was so good to send a friend a human friend to touch, listen and yes even cry with during this very hard time in your life. God's blessings are so overwhelming to me sometimes. By the way my husband's middle name is Charlie. God bless you "Hope." connie from Texas

HOPE said...

How nice to know you have a Charlie too! I have known so many people with Charlie's in their families and I'm almost convinced we all (including myself) have an Uncle Charlie!
Indeed God was so gracious in sending a Chrsitian friend from HOME..someone close to us that could fully comprehend our trial and be a comfort to us.
Even this story...fails of the many times I can Praise the LORD for his answers to prayer...even the tiniest needs are known to him.
Thanks again for blessing me with your visits Connie!